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Los geht’s – Griechenland nach Sardinien / Let’s go – Greece to Sardegna

Juni / June 2021

Since my last trip 3 weeks have gone by. I was working as a paragliding teacher in Stuttgart and in the Alps. I really love my job but this time I couldn’t wait for the course to be over. Finally it’s time to leave Greece and head out to sail some longer distaces, experience the freedome of the open sea and relaxe for a few day, without all the stress of our world.

As I arrived I Greece I couldn’t wait to leave. I checkt the boat again, got food for 2-3 weeks and set sail for Italy,200nm to the west. The weather looked quit nice, light northweaterlys for the first 2 days after that a bit stronger from north-northeast. The beginning was really light. I barely made it past Corfu befor I was becalmed for the first night. The next day didn’t look much different so after 30h I had just made about 30nm. In the middle of the night the stronger wind finally arrived and the next 2 days I was making good progress and on the evening of day 4 I could spot the first peaks of Italy.

I didn’t feel like making landfall so I continued south round the tip of the mainland into the Strait of Messina. With alot of calms this took me another 2 days … I was getting a bit depressed as there was just no wind so I decited to head into the port of Regio Calabria. There I enjoyed a Pizza and the first full night of sleep in 6 days. As much as I enjoyed sleeping, without having to keep watch every 20minutes, I really didn’t like the city so the next morning I left to visit the Island of Volcano just 30nm north of Sizily. Again there was not a single breath of wind the whole day so I had to hand steer under engine the whole day…

The Island was beautiful. I was ancored in a small bay on it’s east side just a short swim to the beach. In the evening I climbed the volcano and enjoyed a perfect sunset.

I used a light breath of wind to get away from the islands the next morning but just 3nm later I was becalmed again … The next 3 days is spend reaching under spinaker in really light winds often handsteering becaus it was to light for the windvane. Just as I passed Isola di Ustica, the last Island before the 170nm strech of sea to Sardegna, the wind returned. Finally I was making some good speed again, with the wind blowing directly from astern with about 10-15kt. I rushed trough the night making 5-6 knots. The next day the wind turned a bit to the south and got a bit stronger. Still making hull speed I was really happy to make some progress after all the light wind of last week.

As the sun set I went for my 20min watch rythm. At about 1am I woke up from a squall blowing. I quickly put in rhe second reef. Just as it was set I realised that we were still overpowered so the main went down all the way, I rolled up most of the foresail, set the windwave to run before the wind and went back inside. I had enough searoom around me. As the night went on two more squalls hit me, the third one being the strongest. It was blowing around +30kt ,the air was hot like from a hairdryer and it was carrying some sand! This one must had come all the way from the desert in Tunesia. The next morning I checked the whole boat but there was do damage so I set sail again and arrived in Sardegan on day 4. The beer here tasted very good !!

Over the next week I slowly made my way to Cagliari where I would leave the boat over the summer. The main paragliding season was starting in the Alps and I had to work for the next 2,5 months.

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